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ArduEye Rocket system for Stonyman/Hawksbill chips (12)

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How to hook up a Stonyman Breakout directly to an Arduino (without the Rocket Shield)

If you don't have an ArduEye Rocket Shield, you can still hook up a Stonyman breakout board to an Arduino. All you need to do is make these…

Started by Geoffrey L. Barrows

1 Jul 24, 2014
Reply by lucas johnson

Cent eye Stonyman ARDUEYE how to improve image?

hi, i'm implementing a firmware onTexas Instruments MSP430FR5738 how can i improve the images? so far, since the output of the chip is has…

Started by Irene Donati

1 Feb 21, 2014
Reply by Irene Donati

Availability in India

Hi, I 've been looking out to buy a vision sensor for my project and have learned that your products suit my needs. I would be glad if you…

Started by siva karthik

4 Feb 6, 2014
Reply by lucas johnson

Use of Stonyman chips with an Arduino Due (or other 3.3V ARM)

One question that keeps coming up is whether you can use an Arduino Due with the Stonyman chips, especially since the ARM processor on the…

Started by Geoffrey L. Barrows

7 Nov 22, 2013
Reply by Geoffrey L. Barrows

Libraries and Due or "Teensy-3"/arm-cortex processors

Brilliant design.  I've been using the teensy-3 (pjrc.com) which is a 96Mhz 32bit arm processor (with 16-bit adcs - thing arduino-due in a…

Started by greg witteman

1 Nov 22, 2013
Reply by Geoffrey L. Barrows

Questions about whether the sensor meets my needs.

Hi,    I am currently working on an autonomous rover and am try to figure out a way to track how far the rover has moved. we were going to…

Started by Lane Breneman

4 Oct 23, 2013
Reply by Joe Watson

OFO algorithm

Hi, I am learning the optical flow algorithm recently.And have several problems.I hope someone can help me. Thanks! In ArduEye_OFO_v1,ArduE…

Started by yoyochan

4 Mar 29, 2013
Reply by yoyochan

Displaying the full array in Matlab

I am learning the stonyman vision sensor recently. I follow the ArduEye Wiki and run the First-StonymanUnoRocket_v1.I want to display the f…

Started by yoyochan

3 Mar 26, 2013
Reply by yoyochan

Processing sketch: ArduEyeGUI_v1.pde takes forever to RUN

I have downloaded the GUI & libraries from GitHub. ArduEyeGUI_v1.pde takes more than 1 hour to show the GUI in Windows7 64-bit computer…

Started by Hari

2 Nov 29, 2012
Reply by Hari


This hardware, based upon some of the posted example work looks like a nice platform on which to somewhat easily explore a number of vision…

Started by Todd Watson

5 Aug 15, 2012
Reply by John Stowers


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