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We want to design a small board with inertial sensor, microcontroller, and the Stonyman vision chip for a miniature robot. However, we cannot handle the Stonyman in bare form. May I ask will you provide the wire bonding service? How much will it cost for small volume such as five pieces.

Also, it seems that the footprints of the Stonyman are different for the Stonyman Vision Chip Breakout board and the new Aphid vision sensor board. Which footprint is correct?

Thanks for your help!

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We can do custom wirebonding jobs. It is not that expensive but the cost can vary depending on the circuit board and tolerances etc.

As for the footprint for the Stonyman- the layouts from either the Aphid or the Stonyman Breakout Board are fine. The main pad is where the Stonyman is mounted. The small pads to the bottom are where the wire bonds connect to- I would avoid moving these around too much as it can make the wire bonding more difficult.


Thanks for your quick reply! We will follow the design of the Aphid. Another question is how much current the Stonyman will draw in normal use? We cannot find this number in the datasheet.


I've never seen the current be more than several milliamps but that really depends on the bias settings.

That's great, thanks a lot!


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