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Hi all,

I've found interesting products and develop progress of this devices from Centeye, but I've noticed that there is no activity on this site and on Centeye site from Jul of 2014. There is any news about Centeye and their products? They are still in business?

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Hi Singe,

Thank You for asking. Centeye is very much still in business- we are focusing on ultra-light, high performance vision sensors for nano drones, and are actually making good progress. We put on hold the ArduEye project to focus on this. However we have had a LOT of inquiries about the Stonyman chip and the ArduEye project as a whole, and so are making plans to restart this product line, mostly in the context of IoT but really for any appropriate use. I was thinking of starting out with a webinar or virtual workshop (or something similar) to kick this off. What do you think?


Hi Geoffery,

I've tried to contact Centeye on email, but since I didn't get answers I thought that this project was dropped time ago. But now I'm glad to read this, this products are very interesting and promising and I hope to see some news by you and Centeye.

Dear Geoffrey,

I've send you a private message. Can you kindly check it?

Thank you,


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