Embedded Eye

Give your gizmo the gift of sight

The ArduEye Aphid design was adapted from the Arduino Pro Mini, manufactured by Sparkfun. The differences may be summarized as follows:

  • We are using a different voltage regulator with reverse protection, and a resistor feedback network to provide 4.7V. This should allow the sensor to be operated from most 5V USB power supplies.
  • We added the Stonyman vision chip, which is mounted (COB) on the opposite side of the board as the components.
  • We added an external 12-bit 100ksps ADC to provide faster and higher quality image acquisition than is possible using the Atmel's on-chip 10-bit 10ksps ADC.
  • A DF13 connection is provided that access the Atmel's I2C port, allowing the Aphid to serve as an I2C slave (or master) using the Arduino's "wire" library.

Like the Arduino Pro Mini, the ArduEye Aphid is open source hardware. The EAGLE design files and BOM may be found by following this link: ArduEye_Aphid_1p2.zip

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