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Does anyone know when “ArduEye Aphid” will be available for purchase?



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Hi Michael,

Thank You for your question. We actually have a few (around 80) Aphid boards in stock, most of them only partially assembled. I haven't figured out what to do about releasing them because 1) the regulator is not providing as clean a supply to the Stonyman as we would like, and 2) we are actually working on an ARM-powered chip that weighs about the same and is substantially more powerful- An ARM Cortex M4 could provide 180MHz (iirc), 168 kB RAM, 32 bit datapath, and a fast 1Msps ADC, as opposed to the Arduino's 16MHz, 2kB RAM, 8 bit datapath, and 100ksps ADC (external). The Arduino version would be a bit less expensive to manufacture, but is more than an order of magnitude worse in performance than the ARM version. The only advantage of the Aphid is that it would be super easy to program since it is essentially an Arduino clone. The ARM version is much more powerful but would be more difficult to program, at least for the time being.

We are eventually going to come out with the ARM version. But I am curious- would people like the Arduino version as well? (We will release it if there is sufficient interest.)



thanks for your answer.

I would prefer and buy the ARM version.


Hi Geoffrey,

Are you still working on an Aphid with ARM Cortex M4? If yes, when do you think it will be available?

BTW: What do you think about raising a vison chip project on kickstarter?

Thanks for your answer.

Best regards



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