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ArduEye Rox1 board: Soldering the 5-pin header to the board (for Tam chips)

If your ArduEye Rox1 board has a Tam chip, then you will need five connections between the board and your Arduino. You will need the 5-pin header that came with the ArduEye board and a soldering iron.




Step 1

Break the 5-pin header into three sections, two 2-header pieces and one single-header piece.


Step 2

Put the three header pieces into the Arduino board as shown in the picture below. One 2-header piece should go to digital lines 6 and 7. Another 2-header piece should straddle the GND and VDD/5V lines. The single header should go to analog line 0. NOTE: The picture below was taken slightly off vertical.


Step 3)

Put the ArduEye Rox1 board onto the headers as shown below. The headers should go through lines IO6, IO7, VDD, GND, and ANA. Note that a blue square marked "USB" should be on the same side as the Arduino's USB connection.

The connections between the Arduino and the ArduEye Rox1 board are thus as follows: GND -> GND, VDD -> VDD/5V, IO6 -> Digital 6, IO7 -> Digital 7, ANA-> Analog 0

Step 4)

Solder the five headers in place. You are finished. You can now plug in the Rox1 board into other full-sized Arduinos as shown below.


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