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This hardware, based upon some of the posted example work looks like a nice platform on which to somewhat easily explore a number of vision based motion monitoring applications.  It has been 5 months since the "soft launch" associated with this new hardware.  Are the two vision chips and the ArduEye Rocket system base shields available now, soon, or sold out?  The Centeye website still lists the base shields as Price : TBD  Stock : Coming Soon!  I am excited by the possiblity of beginning a research project based upon this platform.  Are others already doing some interesting things with this new platform or has it not really become available yet?


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I'd like to use this ASAP too. I used the contact form and sent an email but received no reply to either.

Does anyone have one of these?

Hi John,

I'm very sorry about the slow response. Please contact us again and we will get to you right away.

I have to apologize to everyone that has had a problem getting through to us. We historically have been a technology research organization (and a pretty successful one) that is learning how to be a product-oriented company. In "R&D" we've mastered the R but need work with the D... The shift is not without pains!


Hi Geof,

You should receive an order later this week on behalf of my employer. Thanks for replying here.


Todd- we just shipped your order- you should get it early next week.

John and Todd,

The ArduEye Rocket Shield and Stonyman Breakout Boards are in stock and available for purchase on our website.  Please contact us again if you have any questions.


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