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I have a question to the Stonyman data sheet “10.5 Binning and reading a binned e.g. downsampled image (STONYMAN ONLY)”:

If I use 4x4 blocks then the Stonyman chip is bin down to 28x28 and not 23x23?

I refer to the „ArduEyeSMHClass“, Function setBinning:

Why is for example (if I want to downsample by 4) hsw=0xEE and not hsw=0x77?

Thanks for helping.


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Good catch! Yes, at 4x4 blocks you have 28x28 super pixels, not 23x23. That is a typo to be fixed...

You could use 0xEE instead of 0x77 for downsampling by 4x4, however the super pixels would be shifted by a pixel and thus the boundaries between super pixels would not be flush with the array. The reason for 0x77 is because of how the bits from the HSW and VSW array map onto the focal plane. Bit 0 is the first bit used, between the first two rows (or columns) and bit 1 is the next set over, so the 0x77 in ways gets flipped over to 0xEE electrically in the chip. (Does that make sense?)


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