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i'm implementing a firmware onTexas Instruments MSP430FR5738

how can i improve the images?

so far, since the output of the chip is has a very narrow dynaimc range ( about 400 mV) , and so the ADC converter can't distinghuish betwwen different levels, i tried to compensate it   using a non linear grey palette.

This is the best i got so far.

Are there any other ways to improve chip voltage output?

are there any other ways to improve the image quality?

I'm feeding the vision chip with 3.8 V, using GAIN =2, VREF=38, AOBIAS and NBIAS=55

thanks for your kind reply

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ok , in order to get rid of the noise-pattern, i have implemented the calibration procedure as shown in funcions calcMask() and applyMask(): https://github.com/ArduEye/ArduEyeLibs/blob/master/ArduEye_SMH_v1/A...

In this way , i do get rid of white random spots.
But now, i get a background pattern , very regular, made of diagonal lines , as shown in the image below:


does anyone has some hint for me? i would like to have a plane regular image without any background pattern such those..... moreover if i increase the contrast what i get is that this pattern makes almost impossible to distinguish the borders of the objects in the image.



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