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In our experiments with eyeballtracking we did some pc based experiements altering a off the shelf ps3 camera to specific instructions.  The  stonyman set up for tracking eyeballs turned out to be the best optoin for us as it gave the best flexibility .

Is there any the standard chip can be doped/added to so that the silicon is more IR/heatflux orientated?

We did an abstract paper on using semi conductor based thermopiles for heat flux monitoring so it's really just  a general question.  Can it be done on the current chip die. 


The link just gives a general outline and I know that the BM used is not the same as silicon but it might give some idea for feedback to build a chip that sees embedded multiple heat flux pathes in a small die area.   

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Clinton- Good question- Some of our customers have expressed a LOT of interest in extending our sensors to the thermal IR region, but I don't see an easy way to do this without either a rather expensive MEMS type of fabrication (microbolometers using VOx) or something requiring cryogenic cooling. We are though beginning to look at SWIR, but this is completely separate from the open source oriented work we post here (for obvious reasons). SWIR though it too short a wavelength for thermal imaging.

What type of resolution and sensitivity are you looking for? Just curious.

Imagine the aphid that could see heat IR.  Before retiring I was a project manager specialising in thermal insulation and building elements.  I became interested in building heat flux sensors that were cheap and easy to construct .

A companion with heatflux sensors is a thermal imaging devise but you can imagine leaving an 80k camera buried in some building for a length of time from days to months is not going to happen. But if a low res thermal option was avaliable then this opens up some new areas

thanks for the link.

it seems Omron have the following which might be a good start.


omron electronic components -D6T-8L-06 - SENSOR, THERMAL, MEMS, 1X8

Have a look at video of the 4x4 sensor overlaid on a phone app



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