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This topic would seem to apply to most any of the Centeye imagers that incorporate the binning capability.

I am considering an application where the imager would be operated at different resolutions at different points in time. Obviously, the binning capability can be used to provide several resolutions and switching from one resolution to another can be done in a short period of time.

My question relates to FPN (Fixed Pattern Noise). I understand the concept of recording and storing the FPN for the imager and subtracting it from subsequent images to remove the noise element. However, if one has recorded the FPN for one resolution but then takes a picture at a different resolution (for example, with half the resolution vertically and horizontally) can the stored FPN information be readily manipulated to produce suitable FPN data for the reduced resolution image or does one really have to store a different FPN pattern for every resolution that is to be used?



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Hi Joe,

Good question! This is one we've asked internally but haven't really tried yet. In theory the answer is "yes", but I don't know in practice. Currently we just use a different FPN mask for each binning amount. (It doesn't increase the memory amount by more than a factor of two or three because the FPM masks for binned images are so much smaller.)



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