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How to hook up a Stonyman Breakout directly to an Arduino (without the Rocket Shield)

If you don't have an ArduEye Rocket Shield, you can still hook up a Stonyman breakout board to an Arduino. All you need to do is make these connections:

G connects to  GROUND

V connects to 5V

RP connects to Arduino pin D8

IP connects to Arduino pin D7

RV connects to Arduino pin D6

IV connects to Arduino pin D5

PH connects to Arduino pin D4

AN is the analog output from the Stonyman chip and connects to Arduino pin A0

OE may be left unconnected.

The ArduEye Rocket Shield basically makes these connections.

If you are using long wires, it might help to put a small bypass capacitor (say 0.1uF or so) between G and V near the breakout board. There is actually a small place on the breakout board just for this purpose.

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I´ve tried hooking up the stonyman breakout directly to an arduino uno and the image looks like those old tvs in which the image keeps scrolling up and down. Any thoughts on why thats happening?



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