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Hello Everyone,

There are actually two people who have independently approached us about making a sensor based on XMOS processors. I think this is a great idea- we've actually explored XMOS as well and are pleased with this processor. I'd like your suggestions on this.

One question- should we host it here or over on www.xcore.com? I've been in contact with Jason Mayes who manages Xcore and he would be happy for us to host it there. I personally think this is a good idea since it could generate further interest.

Another question- do people have any preferences on what type of license to use?


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For some reason most projects ive seen hosted on xcore seem to be BSD ones. I dont know much about that license structure actually but i thought i would mention it.
I'm no expert, but I think BSD is the license version that allows others to incorporate the code into their own closed project or product. This is different from GPL which, if I am correct, requires you to publish any changes you've made.

A BSD license would give us more flexibility, since there would be some customers that would want to make it closed for various reasons. I that case, since we had spent several weeks making the initial code base, if we went that route I'd prefer the BSD variant that requires attribution. Just a thought though.

Does this sound reasonable?
PS I've heard mention of GPL3. Do you know what this entails? I'm a novice at open things open source. :)
It would be easier and more accurate to have you read these two links:

Quick guide to GPLv3

FAQ about gpl
Hi Ken,

Thanks for the links! I will read through them and digest them- this is important. (This will have to wait until Monday though as I am heading out for the weekend soon.)

I think it depends on your long term vs short term goals. Hosting here will allow traffic to come here, in time. I think the best thing to do it host it here, and have a thread there that maintains its own updates, and points here.
Just to clarify the situation on XCore.com -

Most projects use BSD licence as this is the default licence. You can choose from a wide selection when you create your project or alternatively specify your own if you can link to it (Obviously if you do this you are responsible for the legality of that document).

Also with Projects on XCore you can create a project on XCore.com and have the download externally hosted (eg on this site) so it will automatically take the user here if they wish to download it or learn more.

Hope that helps!

Any questions just PM me.

Jason Mayes
Hi Jason,

Thank You for the clarification. Based on your experience, have you seen one type of license garner more support than another type?

Ultimately any open source project coming out of Centeye could have multiple licenses associated with it- one for the software, one for the hardware, another for the optics, and so forth. It's a brave new world out there. :)

BSD is by far the simplest IMO which basically allows you to use the code in any way you see fit as long as you keep the original copyright notice see:


Even a non lawyer can clearly read it and know what they can do with it.

Contrast this to the GPL:


or even the LGPL:


A lot more heavy read and some key values large corporates typically run away from as they often want to keep things closed source. The whole ethos of the GPL is along the lines of "You may not use this code in proprietary ventures."

Mixing licences can be a bit of a headache. What if licences conflict? Which takes priority? I am no expert on this but I believe GPL code means code derived from it must also itself be GPL'ed - in the attempt to promote FOSS. This is great in some situations, but may not be good in others where you want to keep the source top secret or such for some reason. I am no legal expert, but I would look in to that before deciding to mix or go with one for all. I guess the answer depends who your primary audience will be for that product/service.



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