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Is it possible to use an oled display as an image sensor?

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I have worked with OLEDs as displays, but am unaware of their application as an image sensor.  I have heard of them being used to detect chemicals that cause them to change color or intensity that would be mesured by an image sensor looking at the OLED.  http://www.ameslab.gov/files/FactSheet_OLED_FOUNDATION.pdf  OLEDs are designed to emit light when a voltage is applied and it sounds like you want to use them in reverse - truning them into organic photodiodes to generate a voltage when light is applied to them.  I am not an expert in this area, but am doubtful that this type of transduction is possible in some useful way with current OLED materials.

Thank you Todd. I was thinking that if LEDs can be used for both, emmiting and measuring light, so the Oled display could do it as well. Do you have any idea of where could I find information on how to set up and test such a device?


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