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I am having trouble routing these last signals on an XMOS board. The idea is to have a xmos module that can plug into base boards, like the gumstix. I primarily did this so I can have parallax strips with different sensor spacings, but it could easily be used for anything else. There are 2 SMD connectors on the bottom, one for JTAG and one for an 8 bit port, plus 4 1 bit ports. If someone could take a look at it, that would be great! Feel free to play with spacing and such.

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I took a look at it- Generally we've found that you can't use the autorouter if you are really seeking the tightest layout. The problem seems to be U2's location- I would move it down to the lower right corner, route the SS and MISO lines the other way around, and then you'll have more space for the board to board connector.


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