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I finally got a good LED strip to place behind the cameras, 300ma at 3.5volts. Makes a lot of difference in the calibration.

I am just playing with simple-solutions to 3D right now. It really is intriguing trying to figure out a non-moving picture way of getting 3D distances. It is really easy with a single item like a pencil on a plain background. But that's cheating. My attempt at subracting the left and right eye, then showing only the pixels with the same +/-3 of 16 brightness values... basically failed because it produced no useful information.




This is a link to the movie of the eyes on the lcd screen. The lighting balance is a bit off.

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Comment by Irene Donati on March 14, 2014 at 11:08am


how long does it take you to acquire an image from the centeye?

thanks in advance for your kind reply

Best regards

Irene Donati


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